Academics and Research

Academic Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
Unethical behavior in research and scholarship strikes at the heart of the scholarly and educational enterprise. A shared understanding of expectations and responsibilities is, therefore, critical--not only to the quality of the research enterprise but also to the collegial life of this community.

Section 10.1: Procedures for Dealing with Academic Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
Supplement to MIT Procedures Dealing with Academic Misconduct
MIT Academic Integrity Handbook

Dissemination of Research Results
The prompt and open dissemination of the results of MIT research and the free exchange of information among scholars are essential to the fulfillment of MIT's obligations as an institution committed to excellence in education and research. While technology transfer is an important aspect of MIT's commitment to public service, it is subordinate to education and research; and the dissemination of information must, therefore, not be delayed beyond the minimal period necessary to define and protect the rights of the parties.

MIT Policies and Procedures Section 13.1: Intellectual Property
MIT TLO Guide to the Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of MIT Technology Part 2: MIT Policy Statements