Relations and Responsibilities

Personal Conduct
All members of the MIT community are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, personal integrity, and respect for the rights, differences and dignity of others. These standards of personal conduct apply to all communications, whether oral, written, or in gestures. Community members are also expected to treat the property of both the Institute and other community members with appropriate care and respect.

MIT Policies & Procedures Section 9.2: Personal Conduct and Responsibilities Towards Students and Employees
MIT Policies & Procedures Section 9.3: Nondiscrimination
MIT Policies & Procedures Section 9.4: Racist Conduct
MIT Policies & Procedures 9.9: Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships in the Workplace or Academic Environment

In order to create a respectful, welcoming and productive community, the Institute is committed to providing a living, working and learning environment that is free from harassment.

MIT Policies & Procedures Section 9.5: Harassment

No one shall be retaliated against for, in good faith, raising a complaint of a violation of an MIT policy, participating in the Institute’s complaint resolution process (whether as a complainant, a witness, an investigator, or in any other capacity), or opposing a violation of an MIT policy.

MIT Policies & Procedures Section 9.7: Non-Retaliation
MIT Policies & Procedures Section 10.1: Research Misconduct

Responsibilities of Supervisors
The responsibilities of supervisors include understanding and fairly administering Institute and departmental policies concerning employees, setting work standards, and providing an inclusive environment that fosters open communication regarding work-related issues. Supervisors are expected to oversee their employees’ performance – managing and evaluating work, providing feedback, recognizing work well done and addressing unsatisfactory performance – and to provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

MIT Policies and Procedures Section 7.3: Responsibilities of Supervisors